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my name is Carl F. Henn, I am 42 years old, married, I have a little daughter and I can look back to over 20 years experience with the dividing rod (dowser, doodlebug, there are so many words for it in english).

Dowsing with the rud (kinesiology) is tenthousands of years old. It was and is needed in almost ever country in the world. It was applied to find ore in the ground to place mines on the right spot. Russia for example is leading in this very old technique.

I can find water veins, faults, and all the other earth rays for you. The problem with all that stuff is that when they are crossing eachother they generate a hot spot of morbid energie. If you are sleeping on one of this hot spots or directely on a fault or water vein, it can cause illness sleeplessness and many other things. If you have any question please feel free and contact me, I am ready for your mission.


House examination:

It is a whole examination of a building any kind. It will take min 2 hours. I will search faults, water vines earth grids, + and - fields for you and will draw these on your building plan. I can show you how to interact with that new knowledge.


Building ground examination:

If you bought a building ground and you plan to build a house on it, this is the right moment for it. I will examinate the whole ground with the dowser and copy all the fields and lines on a plan. Then you are able to plan your house in the right direction.


Smoke ritual in a house:

Is a energetically significant houscleaning with smoke. You are sleeping bad but you are not ill, you feel that something is not all right in your house , you actually feel a precence you can´t explain, you are sometimes afraid of something in your house. We all don´t know who lifed in our houses or what was going on in some buildings the last years. I will select a smoke mixture with the dividing rud (natural resins and herbs) which is specified for you and your house. The smoke ritual takes up 2 to 3 hours. 

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